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Translations of BREFs and Executive Summaries

To view the translation of (B)REF Executive Summaries please access the CIRCABC web page here. If the list is not accessible please click on browse categories, then choose > European Commission > Environment > IPPC BREFs Translation > and finally click on > Library on the top left menu which will display a full list of translated summaries in all EU languages.

• French translations of complete (B)REFs can be found here.
• German translations of the most important parts of the (B)REFs, Executive Summaries or complete BREFs can be found here.
• Spanish translations of complete (B)REFs and BAT conclusions can be found here.

Translations of Executive Summaries of BREFs are only available for the BREFs published under the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC) but not any more for those updated under the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) since they do not contain any more Executive Summaries.

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