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Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals - Ammonia, Acids and Fertilisers Industries

This BREF covers the production of ammonia, acids and fertilisers where large volumes of the specified inorganic compounds are produced. Generally, the ammonia and acid processes covered here are considered to have the following feature: the products from the processes are not consumer products in their own right, but are basic chemicals that are then used in large quantities or as raw materials in the production of other chemicals. NPK, AN/CAN, superphosphates or urea fertilisers, however, are produced primarily for a particular user although the production of these other chemicals are also carried out in dedicated continuously operating plants. This BREF covers substances such as:

• ammonia
• nitric acid
• sulphuric acid
• phosphoric acid
• hydrofluoric acid
• NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertilisers – nitrophosphate and mixed acid route
• urea, urea ammonium nitrate
• ammonium nitrate/calcium ammonium nitrate (AN/CAN)
• superphosphates.

Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals AAF



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