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Waste Incineration

This BREF covers the incineration or co-incineration of waste, including municipal waste, other non-hazardous waste, sewage sludge, hazardous waste and clinical waste.

This BREF, besides traditional incineration processes, also describes pyrolysis and gasification processes.

In addition to the thermal treatment stage, this BREF also covers:

• the reception, handling and storage of waste;

• some waste pre-treatment techniques along with their influence on the ensuing incineration process;

• emissions to air and applied techniques for flue-gas cleaning;

• applied techniques for the treatment of incinerator bottom ashes and the recovery of useful materials from bottom ashes;

• emissions to water and the treatment of waste water originating from wet flue-gas cleaning or from bottom ash treatment;

• the recovery of energy from the incineration process.

Other waste treatment methods are addressed in the BREF for Waste Treatment.


Waste Incineration



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