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Working procedures to elaborate BREFs

For each BREF, the European IPPC Bureau sets up a Technical Working Group (TWG) to carry out the exchange of information on BAT. A TWG usually consists of between 100 and 200 experts.

The European IPPC Bureau organises the work of the TWG, fosters the exchange of information, makes a scientific and technical analysis of the vast amount of information exchanged, drafts the BREF and proposes compromise solutions on issues where the views of technical working group members differ from each other. The European IPPC Bureau acts as a neutral, technically competent and permanent body to all TWGs.

The procedure used to draw-up or review a BREF includes a few plenary technical working group meetings, sub-group meetings, visits to installations, and the submission of draft BREFs for comments.

Practical arrangements for the exchange of information are laid down in Commission Implementing Decision 2012/119/EU according to Article 13 (3)(c) and (d) of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU.

These documents aim in particular at guiding the European IPPC Bureau and members of the technical working groups in the drawing up and reviewing BREFs.

Once finalised, each BREF is formally presented by the European IPPC Bureau to the forum established under Article 13 (3) of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU, which is an expert group comprising representatives of Member States, industries concerned and non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection. Subsequently, the BAT conclusions are endorsed by the IED Article 75 Committee and published as Implementing Decisions in the Official Journal of the European Union.