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Iron and Steel Production


This BREF covers the processes involved in the production of iron and steel in an integrated works as well as the production of steel in electric arc furnace steelworks. The main operations covered are:

• loading, unloading and handling of bulk raw materials
• blending and mixing of raw materials
• coke production
• sintering and pelletisation of iron ore
• the production of molten iron by the blast furnace route, including slag processing
• the production and refining of steel using the basic oxygen process, including upstream ladle desulphurisation, downstream ladle metallurgy and slag processing
• the production of steel by electric arc furnaces, including downstream ladle metallurgy and slag processing
• continuous casting.

Other downstream metal processing activities can be found in other BREF documents (e.g. see Ferrous Metals Processing Industry, Smitheries and Foundries Industry BREFs).


Download the BREF document (published in January 2013)
Download the BAT Conclusions (published in March 2012)
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