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Large Volume Inorganic Chemicals – Solids and Others Industry

Document formally adopted

This BREF covers chemical installations for the production of basic inorganic chemicals, which are:

• soda ash (sodium carbonate, including sodium bicarbonate)
• titanium dioxide (chloride and sulphate process routes)
• carbon black (rubber and speciality grades)
• synthetic amorphous silica (pyrogenic silica, precipitated silica, and silica gel)
• inorganic phosphates (detergent, food and feed phosphates).

Other selected illustrative products (or groups of products) are addressed at a lesser level of detail and they are:

• aluminium fluoride
• calcium carbide
• carbon disulphide
• ferrous chloride
• copperas and related products
• lead oxide
• magnesium compounds
• sodium silicate
• silicon carbide
• zeolites
• calcium chloride
• precipitated calcium carbonate
• sodium chlorate
• sodium perborate
• sodium percarbonate
• sodium sulphite
• zinc oxide.


    Download the BREF document (adopted in August 2007)