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Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas


This BREF addresses the mineral oil refining industry as well as natural gas plants. Other related activities such as exploration, production, transportation or marketing of products are not included in this BREF.

All types of mineral oil refineries regardless of capacity and all types of process activities typically found in this sector are covered in this document. Some activities that are or may be found in refineries are not covered in the document because they are covered in other BREFs (e.g. low olefins and solvent production, generation of power with natural gas). Other activities are not fully covered because they are partially covered in other BREFs (e.g. cooling, storage, waste water and waste gas). Thus, when implementing IPPC permits for a specific site, other BREFs should also be considered. Soil remediation is not included in this BREF because it is not a contamination prevention or control technique.


Download the BREF document (published in February 2015)
Download the BAT Conclusions (published in October 2014)
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