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Waste Treatment


This BREF covers the installations of a number of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) treatments, and deals with:

• common waste treatments such as the temporary storage of waste, blending and mixing, repackaging, waste reception, sampling, checking and analysis, waste transfer and handling installations, and waste transfer stations
• biological treatments of waste such as aerobic/anaerobic treatments and mechanical and biological treatments
• physico-chemical treatments of waste such as neutralisation, chromic acid and cyanide treatments, dewatering, filtration, harbour reception facilities, oil/water separation, precipitation, separation of mercury from waste, settlement, solidification and stabilisation, and UV and ozone treatments
• treatments to recover mainly waste material such as the reconcentration of acids and bases, the recovery of metals from liquid and solid photographic waste, the regeneration of organic solvents and spent ion exchange resins, and the re-refining of waste oils
• treatments to produce mainly solid and liquid fuels from hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Generally, this BREF does not cover landfills. The incineration of waste is covered in the Waste Incineration BREF.


Download the BREF document (published in October 2018)
Download the BAT Conclusions (published in August 2018)
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