Translations of BREFs and Executive Summaries

Translations of certain BAT conclusions (BATC) into Arabic, Chinese and Russian have been provided by the European Commission’s translation services (with no revision or guarantee on actual accuracy in relation to the original text in English). The original English version provides the definitive text for understanding the BAT conclusions; whilst every effort has been made to ensure correctness, the translations into Arabic, Chinese and Russian have not been checked by experts familiar with the sector.

The European Commission plans to translate all BAT conclusions into Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The following table will be updated as these become available.

Commission Implementing Decision


Arabic / العربية

Chinese / 中文

Russian / Pусский

2012/134/EU Manufacture of Glass (GLS BATC) مصانع إنتاج الزجاج 玻璃制造 производстве стекла
2012/135/EU Iron and Steel Production (IS BATC) مصانع إنتاج الحدید والصلب 钢铁生产 производстве чугуна и стали
2013/84/EU Tanning of Hides and Skins (TAN BATC) لدباغة الصلال والجلود 确立皮革及毛皮鞣制 дублении шкур и кож
2013/163/EU Production of Cement, Lime and Magnesium Oxide (CLM BATC) إنتاج الإسمنت والجیر وأكسید المغنسیوم 石灰和氧化镁的生产 производстве цемента, извести и оксида магния
2013/732/EU Production of chlor-alkali (CAK BATC) انبعاثات مصانع إنتاج الكلور والقلويات 立氯碱生产最佳现有技术 производстве хлор-щелочных продуктов
2014/687/EU Production of Pulp, Paper and Board (PP BATC) إنتاج لب الورق والورق والكرتون 纸张 和纸板生产 производства целлюлозы, бумаги и картона
2015/2119/EU Wood-based Panels Production (WBP BATC) إنتاج الألواح من الخشب 造板生产的 производства древесных плит
2016/902/EU Common Waste Water and Waste Gas Treatment/ Management Systems in the Chemical Sector (CWW BATC) أنظمة معالجة/إدارة میاه الصرف والغازات العادمة في قطاع الصناعات الكیمیائیة 常见废 水和废气处理/管理系统最佳可行技术 систем очистки/управления сточными водами и отходящими газами общего характера в химической промышленности
2017/1442/EU Large combustion plants (LCP BATC) محطات الاحتراق الكبيرة 确立大型燃烧装置最佳现有技术 крупных топливосжигательных установок

Translations of Executive Summaries of BREFs published under the former IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC) are available in CIRCABC. If the list of translations is not accessible, please click on browse categories, then choose > European Commission > Environment > IPPC BREFs Translation > and finally click on > Library on the top left menu which will display a full list of translated summaries in all EU languages.

Executive Summaries are not available for BREFs established under the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) since these do not contain any more such summaries. Instead, the BAT conclusions of BREFs under the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) are translated into the official EU languages and can be obtained in the tab 'Reference Documents' by clicking on 'BATC' of the respective BREF.

Furthermore, several EU Member States have translated complete BREFs or parts thereof:

• French translations of complete BREFs can be found here.
• German translations of most important parts of BREFs, Executive Summaries or complete BREFs can be found here.
• Spanish translations of complete BREFs and BAT conclusions can be found here.