Ferrous Metals Processing Industry

Document formally adopted

This BREF is closely linked to the BREF on production of iron and steel which covered the iron and steel production to the casting process. This BREF includes activities for the processing of semi-finished products (i.e. ingots, slabs, blooms and billets) obtained from ingot casting or continuous casting, like hot rolling, cold rolling, drawing, hot dip metal coating and the related pre- and post- treatment of the shaped steel products.

The main operational steps regarding continuous processing that are covered are:

• reheating and heat treatment of input materials, like slabs, blooms, billets and ingots
• surface rectification and preparation processes: scarfing, grinding, descaling, degreasing, pickling
• shaping of steel: rough milling, hot rolling, cold rolling, drawing
• processes yielding special material or product qualities: annealing, temper rolling/skin pass rolling
• hot dip metal coating and finishing.

Regarding batch hot dip coating of fabricated steel products, the following operational steps are addressed:

• surface preparation of fabricated steel: degreasing, rinsing, pickling, fluxing, drying
• coating with molten metal
• post treatment/finishing: cooling, greasing.