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Production of Polymers

Document formally adopted

This BREF focuses on the production of polymeric materials in plants on an industrial scale such as:

• basic plastic materials (synthetic fibres and cellulose-based fibres)
• synthetic rubbers
• hydrocarbons containing oxygen such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, acetates, ethers, peroxides, epoxy resins.

An enormous variety of produced substances are covered by this BREF. Therefore, the document describes the production of polymers selected according to production volume and potential environmental impact of their manufacture as well as the availability of data. The BREF deals with environmentally relevant unit processes and unit operations as well as with the usual infrastructure found on a typical site. It provides general guidance for the early stages of process design. The document mainly deals with process modifications, plant operation and maintenance, and especially with the management of unavoidable waste streams.


Download the BREF document (adopted in August 2007)